Menu Bar App To Show Network VPN Status?

I have a VPN running at all times on a home firewall on a PFsense box via Open VPN. I configured it to kill the entire internet if the VPN connection dies, or at least I thought I did, but twice in a few years it died and left me exposed on the internet.

I know I can run a second VPN at the software level of the Mac itself, but that can slow things down a bit.

Is there an app I can install in the Menu bar that will flash bright red and punch me in the face if my network VPN is down? I would rather not have to log into the PFsense admin panel every time I am using the computer and keep it open in a separate monitor to see the status at all times.

Thanks in advance everyone and have a fantastic Thanksgiving :slight_smile:

You might be able to set up bitbar to do this.

Saw some tweets that bitbar is no more on Big Sur, TextBar might do it might also work and there’s a new one called called Switfbar built on bitbar.

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Thanks all, I’ll look into textbar!