Menuitems disappearing on 14" Macbook Pro w/ Notch

Love the new Macbook 14" but I’m having issues getting my menubar items to display.

It displays them fine, only as many as fit on the right side of the notch. Everything more than that that doesn’t fit just… disappears, like the app has no menubar item to begin with.
They are not “under the notch” and the tricks I read online of setting “Scale to fit below built-in camera” don’t solve this.

I installed Bartender which has full support for the notch, but same issue. The items that are supposed to be there just don’t display.

Bartender settings:

Screenshot of the menubar. The notch starts exactly to the left of Keyboard maestro, and as you can see everything that is supposed to be there is just gone.

Any idea?

I “Use Bartender Bar to show hidden items”, which displays the hidden items below the Menu Bar instead of to the left, and expands to fit all the things.