Menuwhere - new tool that puts the menubar where you are

I just stumbled upon an app (via Daring Fireball) that fits into the tradition of the Tim Verpoorten category: it does exactly one thing and it does it well.

The app is called Menuwhere. You can find it at Menuwhere · Many Tricks

It comes from the folks who have brought us tools like Moom or Name Mangler.

Menuwhere is being triggered by a customizable shortcut. When you trigger the shortcut, Menuwhere will display the current app’s menubar items at your current mouse location. With the developer’s words: “Menus under the mouse via a user-defined hot key.”

No need to reach back to the Menu Bar on your big screen. The Menu Bar comes to you. :slight_smile: A nice idea!

The app costs $3. Monthly. Just kidding. Just a one-time $3 fee. There is a free trial.


OT: this is the first time in a long time I see a purchase where the price in € is actually cheaper than in $ (as it should be with current currency rates)

Installed it for testing, but I’m not sure I use the menubar a lot… (will try to be more aware of that today)

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Ehhhh, RISCOS peeps are like… alllllmost!

Initial impressions are very favorable. I linked the launch shortcut to a BetterTouchTool trackpad click. Makes the menu access that much easier. — jay


I was about to post the same… I attached it to a 3 Finger Tap. So nice!

(2 Finger Tap = context menu; 3 Finger Tap = App menu)

How do you link the launch shortcut (directly) in BTT?

(I used an Apple Script that runs a Keyboard Maestro macro for that, but would like to keep KM out of the loop if possible)

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I never would have thought about that. The one thing I disliked about Menuwhere is the fact that I need a keyboard shortcut to trigger a menu where my mousepointer is at. I just did the same. Thank you! :slight_smile:

That is an easy one! :slight_smile: You just have to send the keyboard shortcut to Menuwhere.

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Oh… “Send Keyboard Shortcut” is actually the very first item?! :slight_smile:

I did not see it, so I typed “keyboard” in the search bar.
The results of that search don’t include “Send Keyboard Shortcut”… :confused:

Works excellent now! Think I should buy Menuwhere :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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My bad. It is always the same issue with me: BTT is localized in German for me and if I try to translate my localization back into English, I sometimes use wording that apparently is different in the English localization. :slight_smile:

Looking for “shortcut” should have done the trick. :slight_smile:

Regarding “I should buy”… For 3 bucks, it was an instant buy for me. I love it when a developer is bringing a good idea into a nice little tool that is being priced exactly like that: a nice price for a nice little tool. :slight_smile:

The only issue I had with Menuwhere was that you need a keyboard shortcut for triggering the menu. The Touch Tool route does make much more sense. BTT to the rescue!

I am using a programable key on my Logi MX Keys keyboard to access the trigger for MenuWhere.

All programable buttons on my MX Master 3 mouse are already in use unfortunately.

The app looks intriguing, for sure…

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I’m frugal… :wink: But I bought it!

Unfortunately I have to take that back:

The (advertised) price was without VAT (only discovered that after logging in on PayPal…)

(I hate it when companies do that!)

Being a tax accountant in Europe: it can’t be done differently. The VAT is applicable in the state where the buyer is located at. And VAT rates are different all over the place. If the buyer is buying for his/her company, there is no VAT at all. Apple does it differently: they calculate their prices with a nice buffer that compensates currency fluctuations and VAT plus - well, like I said - a nice buffer. Nice for Apple that is. Right now, Apple’s prices in Germany sometimes are like $1 equals 1€ and the VAT is added after that. I prefer Fastspring’s approach (which is used by Many Tricks as a selling platform): they calculate the Euro price with a current exchange rate and add the VAT transparently after that. That’s fair.

Sorry for sort of going off at a tangent here… :blush:


For those of you using this with BTT, is it different than the BTT action “Show Menubar in Context Menu”?

I currently have that action ties to a trackpad click, so that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this app.

Here is what it looks like when I triggered it now in this Safari window:

EDIT: I see that Menuwhere does have additional customization options, which is pretty cool :slight_smile:


I have been using the app this morning. Very nice.

You can also navigate menu items using the keyboard once the Menuwhere item is open. Very useful for those of us who want to do more keyboard navigation, but struggle to remember keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks for reminding me this existed… I think I’ll stick with BTT then, not because I’m a cheapskate but because I like having as few apps as needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same, however the BTT action has a few quirks and is not nearly as robust as the dedicated app seems to be (hide menu items, keyboard navigation).

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Ya gotta love their description of off-app menus: “a forest of gray unobtanium.”

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An additional nicety is Menuwhere allows you to access not only the menu bar of the frontmost app, but also all currently running apps. This is especially useful when, for example, you have a Safari window opened on Desktop 1, but have since switched to Desktop 2 and want to open a new Safari window on Desktop 2. Without Menuwhere, you can only control-click the Safari icon on the Dock and then click New Window; now you need only to press the hot key to “pop up all app menus” and access Safari’s menu items with keyboard only.


Such a great app for 3 bucks! I set up cmd-opt-M and cmd-opt-ctrl-M as the hotkeys, then in Keyboard Maestro I assigned cmd-opt-mouse1 and cmd-opt-ctrl-mouse1. This way I can access the app whether my hand is on the mouse or the keyboard.

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I spent about ½ hour with the program and could not get it to work. I am using Mojave.

I had problems with System Permissions which they allude to in their introductory remarks. I would invoke the shortcut and a window asking for Permissions would open. I would go into System Preferences where it was checked as being enabled. I would uncheck and check it again. No go.

I restarted my Mac twice. All of this to no avail. I would use the shortcut and again get asked to set the permissions.

Obviously, others have a good experience. For me, it was a somewhat painful waste of time.