MereCivilian’s end of year apps blog

Just read this useful and thoughtful blog summary of the apps @MereCivilian is using 2022: State of Apps


Very nice roundup!

I can relate to this person’s app usage: I’m über particular for apps based on visual appeal and/or for specific functions, even though I may not engage those app for weeks/months at a time.

thank you @Clarke_Ching for linking to my blog :slight_smile: There will be more of these candid thoughts. It helps me think through things etc…

@Aaron_Antcliff Yes, the visual appeal of an app is very important to me. It is weird how small things can bug me enough to not use the app lol


I’m curious about your HEY workflow. You use both Google Workspace and HEY - did I get that right? Is it a personal HEY account and what made you decide Workspace over custom domains on HEY?

The reason why I do not use HEY Domains is because one can only have one domain with one account. I have atleast 3 domains which would mean I would need 3 accounts ($36 a month). In addition, even though they have unified inbox, each decision has to be made again - like screening emails, tagging, etc. Fastmail does this well where one fastmail account can have up to 600 domains and that too for only $50 a year. I am using Google Workspace instead of Fastmail because I am grandfathered into their free GSUITE account.

Its just a lot easier to use HEY personal with everything coming in one account.

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So theoretically I could continue to use Fastmail to keep the benefits of something like 1PW Masked Emails and forward emails into a personal Hey account?

Or is the other advantage to Google Workspace is that you can send from those accounts in Hey?


The only advantage is that HEY has built support to send via Gmail. One can still send via Fastmail by adding the fastmail smtp to HEY. So, from my perspective, no real advantage.

Having Google also means I can use Google Calendar so there is that…

Nice write up @MereCivilian. I resonate with apps that bring joy. That’s what gets me with Things 3 too.

Also I agree on feeling locked into Apple’s ecosystem. So much so that I tried to dip my toes back into the other side in 2021. I built a PC to run Windows 11, and bought a Pixel 5a. Overall I was able to “make it work”, but it was a hassle with almost everything. Your list of impacts on your family is exactly what brought me back personally. I took the whole experiment as a “win” though because I know it’s possible.

One of the further steps I took was to not buy the latest Apple gear. I have an iPhone 13 currently and plan to use it for at least 3 years. I’m still on an Apple Watch Series 5. That’s helping me be more ok with Apple’s lock.

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The Overcast points are SPOT ON. Same issues here.

Half screen show notes and no idea what episode is going to play next. I prefer a Pocket Casts as well


Thanks for this post.

On one of Things’ possible imperfections, interesting take by @ldebritto earlier this year.

If you set an early “start date” relative to the repeating “due date”, you can check off repeating tasks early.

I, too, look forward to the next version of Things.

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