Merge Google Contacts to iCloud

Hello guys,

I’m moving all my stuff from Google to iCloud. Is there a safe and easy way to merge my Google Contact to my iCloud and then delete the contacts from Google?

Thanks in advance!

Set up accounts for both Gmail and iCloud on your Mac’s Contacts app. Then drag your contacts from Google to iCloud.

Once you verify that everything has been copied to iCloud - by checking them on, make a backup of your Contacts app (and I would also export all my contacts from Google - as vCard).

Then delete them from Google via the web.

On an iPhone you could:

  1. Turn off iCloud contacts sync.
  2. Set up your Google Account for syncing
  3. Check if the synchronisation has completed
  4. Delete your Google Account from your iPhone, BUT: make sure to keep the contact data on your phone
  5. Turn iCloud sync on and choose the option to merge the data.

Thank you so much! Worked like a charm!

Another user posted a perfectly valid one-time solution for easily migrating from Gmail contacts to iCloud. If, however, you wanted to keep both address books intact and in sync, you might try the Mac app “Contacts Sync for Googe Gmail”, which syncs iCloud to Google, one way or both ways. I’ve been using it for years and it’s been stable and reliable. No screw ups in the sync’ing.

Thank you. But the ideia is really get rid off Google ecosystem!

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