Message saying iOS 15 Public Beta Private Relay not compatible w Eero?

Earlier in the summer on Reddit I saw a couple people mention getting this message. But most of us weren’t getting it.

This morning I got it. It’s definitely a little weird because:

  • I’ve been running every public beta on both iPhone and iPad since pb1 and haven’t seen it before
  • my iPad is not getting the message, and private relay is working
  • the Eero has not had a firmware update in a few weeks
  • my iPhone hasn’t had an update in close to a week

So I’m guessing something changed on the server-side of Private Relay? But why don’t I get the message on iPad?

Definitely odd.

Are you using any of the Eero Secure subscription features? I think they offer a DNS proxy and I wonder if that might interfere with Private Relay.

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I am, and I wondered about that, but I’ve been using them for months.

I’ve been using eero Secure and the PBs since 3 or so with no issues.

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NextDNS already informed customers that their (DNS) service is currently not compatible with Private Relay.

Apparently Apple will fix this in a future dot release…