Messages archiving

Hi all,

I’m looking for a great way to archive iOS/MacOS Messages conversations, including attachments (photos, videos, documents, etc.) Any thoughts or suggestions?


iMazing or iExplorer.

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It’s overkill for just email, but I use EagleFiler.

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Does it support iOS?

EagleFiler is a Mac app. (OP asked about Mac and iOS.) I also use it, going on close to three years, I think.

I think the original poster was asking about Messages as in Messages app, not mail. I don’t see a way to capture Messages in EagleFiler as F1 gives me a dialog box that says “nope”?

Correct: EagleFiler does not back up messages. The two apps I linked to above do, though.

I need to make sure I’m fully awake before replying.


Same as @bowline suggested:
You can use iMazing to do this. Attach the phone, click export for any thread you want, and done.

Also, AnyTrans apps for iPhone or Android backup are available in SetApp.

Thanks all. Much appreciated.

To deviate a bit into emails, FYI in this recent discussion thread Adam Engst mentions he has tons of emails in EagleFiler, and is currently experimenting with importing 350,000 emails into DevonThink

I have YEARS of emails archived into DEVONthink. In my opinion, it’s far and away the best solution for storing most any kind of searchable document!

I’ve got a decade of emails in an old version of MailSteward. (App was [is] an ugly un-Maclike database app, I didn’t like the app tiers he later created, or the upgrade pricing.) A few years ago I didn’t upgrade the app, and haven’t archived a few years’ worth of my most recent email. But it did the job.

I’ve got the last version of DevonThink Pro but I warned myself off it in favor of EagleFiler, which also does email archiving. One of these days I’ll see about bringing all my archives back onto my Mac somehow.

iMazing for messages, DEVONThink for email