Messages extensions in Big Sur?

I can’t try out Big Sur for a little while still, but I’m desperate to know if Messages extensions made it over from iOS to macOS.
There’s an App Store icon to the left of the text entry, but I don’t know what it does and can’t find reference to it anywhere!

I don’t know what I’m looking for but I’m about to log in to my Mac for the day and I put big sur on yesterday so happy to check for you?

I’m curious. When you click on what I assume is the App Store icon to the left of the iMessage text box, does it show extensions like it would on iPhone (like this pic)?

I’m hoping there’s more than just Photos and Memoji, hopefully there is an actual Store icon like the blue one on the iPhone.

No worries, give me 5 mins and I’ll look, just making a coffee - one of those days already.

Ok, have attached a screen shot of what I get.


Thanks a lot. As I feared, it’s not the App Store so they haven’t brought that over from iOS (yet…)

That’s so strange because it’s clearly an App Store icon.