Messages Notifications Question

I’ve had something driving me crazy for a while and wondered if anyone else has this experience or if this is edge case- but it revolves around receiving notifications from Messages.

Here’s my context:

  1. I am at my desk most of the day (I work remotely/home office)

  2. I have my phone on a TwelveSouth stand that usually is driving music that I am AirPlaying to a Sonos Move in my office.

  3. My MacBook Pro is in clamshell mode also in a TwelveSouth stand on my desk.

  4. I have notifications for Messages turned OFF on my Mac. (But it is signed in to iCloud…so I can launch messages and use it

  5. I have notifications for Messaged turned ON on my iPhone.

With all of that said - when I get a text message (SMS or iMessage) - I will NOT receive any notifications on my phone. I will be working and look down 20 minutes later and have several unread messages.

Is there something going on where messages are intercepted on my Mac first - and since I don’t have notifications turned on, they come and bypass my phone?

I´m not sure, if I really understand your problem right!

If you have turned the Notification OFF on you Mac, and ON on your Phone, then it seems to be obviously, that you are receiving the messages on your Phone.
I don´t see, why they should not show up there.
If you don’t want to get them there, you can turn them off, or you can use a Focus-Mode, to silence the notifications as long as this Focus-Mode is active.

So if my iPhone is locked - and I’m in my office, near my Macbook Pro - (with notifications turned ON on my iPhone) - I will not receive notifications on my phone. I’ll unlock my phone, and have unread messages I didn’t know I have. I do not have a Focus Mode on, all Message notification preferences are turned on to ensure I get them - but for whatever reason - if I’m near my Mac (which I have notifications turned OFF in macOS) - I will not get notifications. It’s really strange to me.

There’s a setting to deliver alerts “quietly.” This would put them in the notification. Enter hut not on the Lock Screen of your phone if it’s locked.

I should add, I think this is a per-app setting.

Here are a couple controls to try: