Metagrid pro & Keyboard Maestro


Any Metagrid pro user on MPU?
I have just seen this video reposted by the KM twitter account and it looks very impressive as a Stream Deck alternative / companion, just see the below result for example.

CleanShot 2022-05-27 at 14.05.23

Check out the Youtube video:

I’ll definitely be experimenting with that as another companion mode for my iPad.

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I want some more “hot link” Discourse badges, so:

Metagrid Pro


Another possibility, and the one I chose, is Touch Portal.

I use it on an original iPad Air, which will not run MetaGrid Pro, and it is not clear that Metagrid (curious the different capitalization of the “G”) is still in active development, whereas Touch Portal is.

And Touch Portal was cheaper. :slight_smile:

And I am able to use an otherwise not very useful iPad as my “Bunch of Buttons to Launch Stuff” device.

It is nice to have choices.

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I was looking at MetaGrid/Metagrid a little while back and discovered their “modern” app had been removed from the App Store due to a significant technical issue. I kept an eye on a forum post that said “the fixed version is in review” and then… crickets. No further posts and no presence in the App Store other than the “old” app.

After fighting with TouchOSC and Touch Portal a bit, I’m thinking I will just cave and get a StreamDeck in a little while.

If I did not have an old iPad, I would definitely get a Stream Deck.

But I glad I was able to use a device I had.

What issues are you have with Touch Portal? I’ve been very happy with it. Although it is clearly not a Mac first app.

It has been a while since I was playing with it, so I don’t remember much in the way of specifics. I’ll have to get back to it soon. I do remember thinking it would be easier to throw money at the problem. It may have been regarding interaction with other software on the Mac.