MFU printer scanner or stand alone devices

We have a large clunky 10-yo HP color laser printer that in addition to taking up a ton of room doesn’t work well.
I want to start a project of scanning the piles of papers cluttering the shelves. Was thinking separate units but Can anybody recommend an all-in-one ? Better off buying separate?
WiFi, automatable sw are musts, color printing is optional.
Read through this and am hoping that the situation has improved since 2018!

Having used both an all in one printer/scanner and a separate document scanner I found the separate device far better for scanning large amounts of paper. The document scanner was far quicker to scan each page and, when putting a large volume of paper in the feeder, it would very rarely jam.

For a longtime I used a Fujitsu model and I now have one made by Brother. I’m not at home at the moment so I cannot tell you the model number from memory.


I’ve considered an AIO printer but every review seems to come up short to the Fujitsu S1500 I’ve been using for 8 years. I have a lot less paper to scan these days so the 1500 is overkill but it just keeps working, I also have an 1100 I use when traveling that is fine for small volumes.

The software used for scanning is an important part of the workflow. I want my documents scanned to searchable PDFs. Some of the AIO printers don’t do OCR so that’s a problem. Mac support can be spotty too.

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