Microsoft Documents - File Path Help!

Hi - I’m having trouble find the file path for my Microsoft documents. I did a ‘nuke and pave’ with Mojave and perhaps there is a setting I missed…

It used to be when I wanted to find a file in a Microsoft document I just had to option-click the application icon in the document menu bar - see attached.

But now when I try to find the file path using this method nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?


Sorry, I’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to find. If I command (⌘)-click on the application icon, I see the folder hierarchy, and if I click it again from there, the file is shown in Finder.

Is that different than what you’re looking for?

Thanks - that is exactly what I am trying to do but it does nothing for me. I wonder if I have a 3rd party app that is interfering with this function. The interesting thing is that the problem applies across all of the MS Office apps so it’s system wide for me.

Just noting that one of you is Option-clicking, and the other is Command-clicking.

Do you store your MS docs in OneDrive, and did you reinstall OneDrive and sync it to your computer after you installed Mojave?

I don’t store docs in One Drive.

Yes, that used to work for me.

My experience with Office 2016 is that the proxy icon in the title bar only works sometimes. I have not been able to figure out the conditions under which it will work consistently. Sometimes I can drag the icon onto an email, and other times I cannot. I make sure to save the document beforehand each time.

For Word they should make ‘space’ also function as the shortcut for saving the document. That might cut down on lost documents and changes.

Thanks Everyone for your help. I’ve just reinstalled Office but the problem remains.

@Kevmur I think your document is in your One Drive, because if you did a nuke and pave, that’s the way Office wants you to work so you have your document where ever you go. The other hint why I think it’s the case is that when they are saved on One Drive it says “Saved to my…” in your screenshot.
Other than that, you just need to right-click on the icon of the document, no command or option necessary to get the file path.

I just need to ‘right click’ on the file icon at the menubar to get the file path…

Thanks Jeff. I’ve explored those options (1) The Saved to reads ‘Saved to my Mac’ (2) The One Drive cloud is empty. Any other suggestions? There must be an option that I need to untick somewhere…