Microsoft Neo (yes really)

As a lover of Apple products, someone who is all in on macOS and iOS I have to confess to be being seriously conflicted. The Microsoft Neo looks a really interesting concept, I just wish it was made by Apple and not Microsoft.


Non-working products pre-announced a year in advance, with no list price and no reporters allowed to touch it, always seem good. :wink: Remember the raves in the press in 2016 when the Microsoft Studio was announced out (with the predictable ‘Apple has lost its competitive edge’ articles)… followed by poor specs and bad sales when it eventually was released?



Looks really cool!
A very Westworld-, The Good Fight-style video.

I like the Microsoft Surfaces. They are viable if you’re a PC user. It would be nice to have a tablet alike an iPad that is running Windows instead of a different operation system. It makes sense.

If I wanted a windows system I would look closely at it. I do not mess with virtual machines. I have a laptop that runs windows 10. I do not use it that often. But I have it. This is different than the computer issued to me by my employer.

looks at Apple Watch

It wasn’t a year, but this strategy doesn’t doom a product.

Microsoft didn’t sell a ton of Surface devices, but it’s important in the Windows ecosystem to have a torchbearer for design. I think they are doing super interesting work, even if we don’t want to run Windows.


Regardless of any future success of the product I find the concept of large glass surfaces with an additional keyboard any interesting one, that has not yet realised its potential, an is certainly not limited to an iPad.

Rather than a tablet this is 2 surfaces which can be employed for different purposes, such as content and interaction. The limitation of typing on glass is reduced when the format of the 2nd screen is changed, for example from 1 letter per key to shortcut keys to running application and custom scripts. It’s then not a screen and keyboard but a screen and interface.

I find the concept perhaps more interesting the product so it’ll be just as interesting to see other form factors over the next decade.