Microsoft Office not rendering fonts correctly

I’ve an issue with 1 font used by my company. I’ve tried updating the apps, reinstalled the font and the MS Office suite but to no success. This renders correctly in Pages but it’s not practical to use Apple’s apps in this instance.

Does anyone have anything else I can try?

What exactly does “not render” mean? Does the font not appear in the font list of MSFT apps, or does it appear garbled, or does it appear as a different font?

FYI Microsoft says custom fonts are unsupported on Word/Mac. You might want to check the support site.

Thanks. I have been looking at their “support”.

By render it’s non-Latin characters. Maybe a mix of Cyrillic and other content. Word even displays the font name (Bahnschrift) as beginning with an &.

Run Titanium Onyx and clean out the fonts cash.

Thanks. I’m still on 10.14. I tried Onyx font cache reset but it hasn’t resolved the issue