Microsoft & Parallels: Official Support of Windows 11 on Apple M1/M2 Macs

I think we knew this was coming.


I’ve been running that configuration for months. Windows runs fast and flawlessly in this configuration.


I’ve been happily using Win 11 on my M1 MacBook Pro since I got it :slight_smile:
The official support hasn’t made a bit of difference as far as I can tell.

happy for this to be moved to another thread, if necessary, but I am still on an Intel Mac and for user testing I want to run Windows. Parallels seems the way to go in case our company upgrades Macs this year but I am way out of date on how to purchase both Windows and Parallels and install them. Can anyone help me?

When was that? Parallels and windows runs very well for me, now, though it was awful when the m1 first came out.

Just a reminder that Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 runs flawlessly on Windows 11 in Parallels on the M1/M2. Download it from EA/Origin and install the modern OS upgrade from here and you can even play online with friends.

It is the best RTS gaming experience on the M series Macs.


Nice. I should see if anyone still supports Emperor: Battle for Dune…

I’m a touch out of date myself, but Parallels offers a time-limited trial. With Windows, Microsoft offers a download of the ISO file, which you then mount as a virtual CD in Parallels. To install properly you need a valid, purchased Windows 11 key.

I’d highly suggest getting the Parallels trial, download a Linux ISO to play with how installing in general works, and then get your Windows license/install media. :slight_smile:

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As @webwalrus noted, you can get a trial for Parallels. Then from the Parallels Desktop app select File > New … and this will launch the installation assistant:

Select an OS to install and have fun!

The screen shot is form a 2018 Mac mini. The selection available on a Si Mac will be limited to arm64 OSes.

Also, you can use an old windows licence. I used one I had for windows 8 and it accepted it without hassle.