Microsoft Remote Desktop

I have to use this for work… all of our servers are elsewhere so whether I am in the office or at home its how I log in. My issue is I cannot get either Text Expander or Keyboard Maestro to work when copy/pasting/changing text with it… I know this is a known issue for TE, but has anyone managed to find a work around? Other than writing everything on the Mac and copying and pasting it over!

I’ve noticed that before. It doesn’t bother me though since it adds a safety net of sorts.

For example, I use Paste but I’ve had to add Microsoft Remote Desktop to the exclusion list after Paste tried to copy a 4GB file to the remote session and I only noticed that the session was getting timeout issues.

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My KM macros I use for work al paste by typing, this way what the VM sees is keyboard input, not clipboard manipulation.
We use a Citrix VM with basically the same security settings, and it works there

Still no luck… any chance you could show me an example?!

I’ve had the same issue. I run the old version of Text Expander and sync my snippets via Dropbox. At work on Windows I use Breevy to duplicate the functionality on my Windows desktop. I believe Phrase Express will also work but I haven’t used it. Since working at home on my iMac and using MS RDP, I tell Text Expander to ignore MS RDP and then Breevy works fine on the PC I am remoted into.

I’ll copy one out for you tonight (screenshots if I can’t paste the macro)

Here’s my KM Macro:

I remapped Capslock to the Hyperkey and that gives me a palette where I just pick Type out clipbpoard to paste it in.

Hero. Thank you very much.

If you’re on the Subscription (Completely your call, don’t need to know if you don’t wish to use) the TE Windows Client is good.

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