Microsoft Seeing AI

I heard about Seeing AI and gave it a try. It runs on iOS, and is phenomenal. If you or someone you know has low vision, it should be very helpful.

Aside: has accessibility been covered on MPU?

Edit: a little more detail:

Short Text

Speaks text as soon as it appears in front of the camera


Provides audio guidance to capture a printed page, and recognizes the text, along with its original formatting


Gives audio beeps to help locate barcodes and then scans them to identify products


Recognizes friends and describes people around you, including their emotions


An experimental feature to describe the scene around you


Identify currency bills when paying with cash


Generate an audible tone corresponding to the brightness in your surroundings


Describes the perceived color


Reads handwritten text

I was thinking of making an app like this (specifically the person and elementary scene info)…if only I didn’t have a day job!

I’m really glad it’s being done though, I’ll download it tonight.

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