Microsoft Teams in iPad: I do not receive calls!

Suddenly My iPad Pro stopped receiving calls from Microsoft Teams. It show the notifications from chats, but not calls! This is a big problem in my workflow because I use it a lot for that.
I have:

  • Soft reset the iPad (of course!)
  • Logged out of Teams, clean the account, uninstall Teams, reset the iPad, install it again
  • Microsoft Teams has “on” the option to receive calls.
  • Notifications for Teams are on, also “do not disturb” or any focus that prevents Teams notifications is not on.

My iPhone gets the calls perfectly.
My second iPad received the calls perfectly, I logged out thinking it may not be possible that not two iPads could do it and now it does not receive them as well.

Anyone with the same problem?

Thank you for any help!

I’m not a Teams user but I found this: