Microsoft Teams on Mac - making it easier to use

Has anyone found a way to use Microsoft Teams and Miro (or similiar) well on a single monitor?

I just got a new Studio Display and I love it, but I’m now trying to figure out how to get teams to float on the screen without taking up too much realestate.

Unitl yesterday,I had a 4K 47-inch monitor, with a 1st gen Ipad Pro 12.9 working as a sidecar screen. I used the sidecar screen with a webcam sitting above it. I’d move the teams window to the sidecar so I could look directly at the people I’m talking, and still have a full screen to use Miro.

(I love the studio webcam btw. It looks sooooo much better than the expensive logitech brio)

This may not help you at all, but when I had to have a Teams meeting recently, and wasn’t willing to give MS my phone number during setup, I was able to use the web client instead. If the app window won’t shrink to your liking, perhaps the browser version will?

Incidentally, I faced this “unassuming” little gambit to harvest my phone the same day this was published.

Thank you! That worked very well. I can now resize the window easily, and team’s functionality is identical.

I used Microsoft’s Edge browser and changed fantastically to use edge when opening conference calls.

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