Microsoft To-Do now on Mac App Store

MS has now launched a standalone app for To-Do on the Mac App Store.


Long time waiting for this. I still was using Wunderlist, and I didn’t want to look for an alternative before I could try To-do on MacOs.

It’s almost Wunderlist with a modern design. I find it to be sleeker, although maybe less functional. And there is no dark mode yet. There are subtasks (named “Steps”), and the number of steps is showed in the main view, below the title of the task. There are no folders to group sublists like in Wunderlist, but they are working on this. I like using emojis as the icon for the list name: it makes really easier to manage several lists, especially without folders. I think it’s a nice touch. I have to get used to “My day” feature.

It’s nicer than Wunderlist on iOS too and it seems to synchronise well for me so far. I’m waiting the overhaul of Apple’s Reminders, only in case it will tailor my needs, but for now I have finally migrated to Microsoft To-do.

FYI we also discussed it recently a bit here and here.

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Thanks, just saw this article too…