Wunderlist Alternative

A search (Wunderlist) didn’t turn up this ask…as many are aware Microsoft now owns Wunderlist and will be EOLing it soon (https://6wunderkinder.desk.com/customer/portal/questions/17487581-default-to-alphabetical-listing)

Given that MS To-Do does not have a MacOS client, I’m wondering what folks would suggest as an alternative. The lack of setting the default sort order to Due Date is really annoying.



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Because they’re replacing it with its built-from-the-ground-up To-Do app. It’s not as full-featured as Wunderlist (yet), but it’s pretty impressive in its own right, and it’s regularly updated with new features. Try Googling some recent reviews.


Here’s a more general list of contenders you might want to look at.

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Hi, TBH I just started w/ Wunderlist after listening to one of David’s podcasts…sounds like Reminders might be worth checking out?

Thanks, I was under the impression there isn’t a MacOS version, just iOS? I need it on all platforms, my work PC is a MBP…more than iOS TBH.

I feel like Wunderlist is dying the longest, slowest death. I

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Just found this, thought it might be something you could try:

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Two-way sync: very nice!

Yup… They first announced they were shutting it down in April 2017. To their credit they’re not leaving anyone high and dry, and are building up Microsoft To-Do in the mean time (while also giving users plenty of time to switch to it, or to something else).

The link I posted is to the web login. It works just as well as the iOS app so you might find that the web app is good enough. (If not there are plenty of alternatives.)

FYI you might find this tips&tricks article for the app to be useful:


Thanks folks appreciate the info…