Migrating data from old iPhone to a new iPhone

I’m still on my first iPhone, so I haven’t done a data migration yet.
That said, I have my new XR, and will start the migration over the weekend.
I will do one final backup of the iPhone 6 using iMazing. After I activate the XR and do the OS update, can I migrate the data from my iPhone 6 backup made with making, onto the XR? That’s is, are iMazing and iOS smart enough to just copy the data and not the OS onto the XR?

My recent hardware upgrades have used iCloud backups to restore data onto a new device. It has been quite painless beyond the need to wait for several hundred apps to download from the store.

I have not tried using iMazing to transfer to a new device but this guide should be helpful.

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Thanks, but 5GB Of iCloud storage isnt going to be usable for even a64GB iPhone.

That iMazing data transfer article looks very useful, I want aware of that feature.

Just adding a note that iCloud backup does not make a clone of the iPhone. It just backs up application data and settings. Any data that can be downloaded again (apps, podcasts, etc.) aren’t backed up but rather downloaded once the restore finishes. It does take time; likely more time than a restore via cable via iTunes or iMazing.

Before iCloud Photos, I was able to backup a phone and a tablet on the 5Gb storage plan but YMMV so would suggest going the iMazing route.