Migrating files to Scrivener

I would like to move a number (20-30) of files from Scrivener on my iPad to Scrivener on my Mac. What is a good, not too complicated way of doing that? I’m thinking AirDrop. I use to know how to use it. Thanks!

That will work. try it. Or email to yourself. Or via a cloud sync (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. It sounds like it is a one-off so whatever works.

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Thanks! But I forgot how to use AirDrop. I followed directions I found and I couldn’t get it to work.

The iPad version supports Dropbox sync. Can you activate that, and use Dropbox on your Mac? Then they would just appear there in Dropbox on your Mac.

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Evan, you know, I have tried Dropbox but never was able to get it to work right. But I will certainly try it. Thanks!

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I’d wonder if the easiest option would be to export each book/project as a word document, send that to the Mac, and import it into scrivener from there.

How? By using the little icon in bottom left corner - the one 2nd in from the left with ten upward arrow.

And set the file format to word.

Then export it.

If you send that word file to your Mac - perhaps email it - you could import it into scrivener on the Mac. It will be one big document, but you could split it into smaller documents.

I hope that helps. It’s a little more indirect, but it might be easier than trying to copy scrivener projects around. Or it might hit …

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Frankly, forget about Airdrop when there is a better way. Dropbox is the best and easiest way if Scrivener involved.

Let’s get Dropbox working first. It’s not complicated. Install the app on the iPad from the Apple App Store. Install the app on your mac by downloading and install from Dropbox’s web site. Dropbox provides full instructions. You probably can use the “free” account to start.

If trouble, explain here for help in getting Dropbox going, providing exact details of what you did, tried, and failed.

Then tackle the movement of files. Do you have 20-30 “files” on the iPad, e.g. documents or other, or 20-30 Scrivener Projects (which are, remember, a collection of many files and folders all of which should not be messed with outside of Scrivener)? Or do you want a selection of files from Scrivener on the iPad exported to go to Scrivener on the Mac?

Specifically, what directions did you follow and at what point was there failure?

I now notice you have Scrivener on your ipad. I originally missed that. I retract my advice to use AirDrop on the files.

See my other note where I ask questions to clarify.

Scrivener on iPad uses the Dropbox API, so I don’t think you even the Dropbox app installed on your iPad - it hooks in to Dropbox from within the app. You do need Dropbox on your Mac, though.

Best if the OP review relevant instructions in Chapter 14 of the Scrivener Handbook.


Where did you store your project on the iPad? If it’s in iCloud drive, you can actually simply open the file from your Mac. The built-in syncing needs Dropbox. But it is still possible to access a project on a cloud server from different devices. You just won’t get their bells and whistles of checking for inconsistencies etc. In this case you should make sure, the project is closed and all syncing is done before opening it on the other device.

If the project is stored locally on your iPad, you could use the files app to transfer the whole thing to your Mac (with Airdrop or iCloud or whatever). Then you don’t need to share 20 documents separately.

If you want to share these documents exclusively for any reason, you would probably need to use the compile feature of Scrivener for iPad, export them as a .docx and import the resulting file on your Mac.

But if you’re intending to work on both devices with the same documents/project, you should probably better look into the syncing possibilities. Then you will be able to open the same project on different devices in the future, without having to export some files back and forth.

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