Migrating Photos Library to External Drive - iCloud Question

Our Photos library is getting too large for our iMac’s internal SSD, so I want to move it to an external SSD. I know how to do that, but here’s what I wonder: if I copy my library to an external drive and then designate it as my system library, will that force the interminable “compare each and every photo on the local drive to the iCloud version” process? I suspect it will.

In that case, what is the best process for creating a new library on the external SSD and then telling Photos to download everything from iCloud?

Thanks for any help!


Have you seen this MPU forum post Fixing Sync once and for all that pointed us to the Allison Sheridan (aka Podfeet) post about this very subject?

Thank you so much! I don’t know why, but when I saw that link in my topic search before I posted, my brain somehow crossed wires when it read “sync,” and I assumed that this wouldn’t fit my need. Not sure why… But this will indeed do quite nicely.

Thanks again!


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