Migrating to Apple Music from Spotify

Now that Apple Music will someday soon be available on Alexa, I’m working to transfer my Spotify albums and playlists to Apple Music. That will give me one more subscription to cancel.

I’m testing out TuneMyMusic.com – seems to work pretty well.

Are there other migrators here who are working on the same project?

I haven’t done such a migration myself, but you may also want to check out SongShift. Don’t think it’s a final solution, but probably not a bad tool to have strapped to your toolbelt.

This has always been my issues switching too much invested in Spotify playlists

Does it re-create playlists in Apple Music??

My family made the switch a few months ago. Kids had plenty of custom Spotify playlists. SongShift worked great for them. No complaints from the kids.

I haven’t used SongShift, but it looks like it might be a bit more robust than TuneMyMusic because SongShift says it keeps the playlists on both platforms in sync, which TuneMyMusic does not do. TuneMyMusic is a one time lift-and-shift utility. If you’re like me, and just plan to recreate the playlists in Apple Music then quit Spotify, then the one-time move could be sufficient.

After testing a dozen or so playlists, I took the plunge and used TuneMyMusic to replicate all albums and playlists from Spotify into Apple Music. About 3% of the tracks failed. There’s no diagnostics, but I assume they just aren’t available in Apple’s library. Even for tracks that succeeded in being replicated, about 6 (out of several hundred) were flagged in Apple Music as “item cannot be played”. Perhaps a DRM issue?

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I tried MusConv to transfer my playlist and it did well.