Migration Assistant: Can you use to transfer to second user on same mac?

My 80-year old parents had a tech guy set up their new mac and he transferred all their old data to their new Mac. No problem there. But my mom wanted her own log in so he set her up as a second user. Unfortunately, he didn’t really set up the account with the same look or feel or any of the apps or date as the one she was used to using so she has continued to use the one tied to my dad’s login. This has led to her not having any passwords or info tied to her own apple ID on her phone or ipad…which she is slowly understanding. So, I want to get her user account set up on the Mac so she uses it. Is Migration Assistant the best way to get all the apps and data from the one user (my dad) to the other user (my mom) on that same Mac?

I don’t know for sure, but you should be able to make a full disk backup of the system and then use migration assistant to migrate from the backup into a new account.

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