Mimestream interview

Hey! We’re speaking to Neil Jhaveri, the person behind Mimestream, in an upcoming episode and would love to pass along any questions from the community. Fire away!


How close are we to seeing an iOS beta ?!


Can you please beg him to release an iOS/iPad OS version? PLEASE!!! lol

Very excited for this interview as I love using Mimestream on my Mac!


Is he seeing more or less potential in JMAP since working on it?


I’m a fan of Mimestream and look forward to hearing what Neil has to share!

One advantage of using the Gmail web interface is being able to use Gmail Extensions. Are there any plans to add extension support to Mimestream?

I’m also really looking forward to using Mimestream on the iPhone and iPad. It would be great to have a taste of what it will offer and whether it will include a Share Sheet.


Support aside from Gmail - e.g. using Mimestream with iCloud


I want to use mimestream SO badly, but I’m beholden to an exchange server for work email. Will anything besides Gmail be supported, ever?

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I use Mimestream daily. It’s a reasonable solution to Mail’s loss of functionality with 3rd party extensions.

  1. I’d love for Mimestream to be able to integrate with Hook (I am aware there are workaround but I would like one keyboard shortcut intergration);
  2. I would also like a native to Mimestream Delay Send feature.
  3. I would like more flexibility in defining keyboard strokes for shortcuts (ie favorite inboxes, etc.)
  4. Currently when viewing all emails, the send is in the biggest font but I would like to be able to switch preferences to allow the subject to appear in bigger font than the sender’s email address.

Really hoping they add JMAP support for Fastmail.


I like mimestream and use it on my Macs.

But, interview wise, I’d love to hear more about his background and his business. Get to know the person and the joys and struggles of running a small dev shop.

Your interview with the composer a few weeks ago which fun and fascinating, and a little different to what you normally cover. If you could repeat that style every so often …

  • support for IMAP and JMAP

and also, iOS testflight link for all MPU listeners… @ismh86 with great power, comes great responsbility… use it wisely to get us Mimestream iOS beta access :laughing:


Plus one for JMAP support!

I guess an interesting way to get into it, is to Ask whether they will prioritise IMAP or JMAP (first).

Obviously IMAP is way more used - but I’d recon there’s a large overlap between the people who pays for something like Fastmail, and those who would consider paying for Mimestream. Also, I can imagine IMAP missing a bunch of features that the Gmail API has and that makes Mimestream great. (Or, I’ve heard it’s great. Can’t use it, obviously. :smirk:). So another question could be a comparison between the Gmail API and JMAP (with IMAP as a reference point as well).

This isn’t necessarily a question for the Mimestream developer but if possible, I would love to hear David talk about a comparison between MailMate and Mimestream.

I’d also be curious as to his thoughts on the fear of the Gmail API going to the google graveyard. I think tying it to the Gmail API was a neat feature and it’s very well designed and implemented. I just fear Google would be more likely to send it to the graveyard than to charge insane fees for it like Reddit.

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I’m wondering whether Neil sees any possibility of natively supporting Gmail’s scheduled send feature.

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Neil was a guest on episode 71 of the Launched podcast from November of 2023, hosted by Charlie Chapman. I enjoyed hearing about his background and his journey as a developer, as well as how Mimestream evolved.


Thanks Chris, that was very thoughtful of you. I will go take a look.

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Why does Apple take so long to implement new mail features?

How much outsourcing of non-development tasks does he do for his business?

How does he foresee email changing as we usher in the AI era?

Are we close to Office 365 (Microsoft Exchange) support? I use Gmail and Office 365, and when it supports both I will likely subscribe for life. ios would be good too.

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