Mind Mapping software recommendation for Windows? :-o

Odd question perhaps for this audience! I’m a devout MindNode user. Unfortunately, I’m a Mac island amidst a sea of Windows users at my office. I would like to encourage some of my Windows colleagues to begin using mind mapping software.

I would like to point them to decent Windows mind mapping software.

Any suggestions? thanks for any guidance… — jay

Several of my colleagues at work use Freemind which they seem to like. I’ve also heard good things about Mindmeister which is an online service.

I used Mindmanager for many years, very good software.

Be warned though, it comes with traditional pricing…


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FreeMind is a free Java (ugh) app. Open source, not pretty, but … it’s free.

MindMeister is an awesome product, and has a limited free tier.

Coggle is an online Mindmap you can use inside the Chrome browser, and it has a free tier.

Thanks all. Very helpful. I appreciate the input.

Mindjet here. However iThoughts is also available on Windows.

Another vote for MindManager. Very expensive, but excellent. The Mac version is meh, though. On Windows MindManager integrates well with Outlook and other Office apps. Make sure your associate installs the same level of MindManager as Outlook – 32 bit or 64 bit, as the case might be – otherwise the integration breaks.

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iThoughts works for me on both macos and ios

Paper and whiteboards are cross platform, and support collaboration. There is virtually no learning curve either.

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I would strongly endorse iThoughts as a cross platform tool. I use iThoughts across IOS, OSX, and Windows to enable access to all my mindmaps on all my devices whenever I need them.

I find it intuitive, and similar across all platforms (the Achilles heel of Mindmanager which I used to use) and have integrated it heavily into my working life as my external brain and notetaker.




iThoughts is also a great tool. I was unaware of the Windows version, otherwise I would have suggested the same.


When I was on Windows, I used to really like working with Visual Mind. Had great export capability to PPT/Word.


On windows I previously used MIndjet MindManager and found it overly complex and expensive, I was using iThoughts on my Mac and iPad so when it was made available on windows I bought it. Don’t use it so much on windows now as I use mac and iPad all the time it would need to be a special app to lure me away from iThoughts.

I like the way you can import pretty much any mind map format and output most as well, particularly usefule is taking iThought to OPML to import into Pm tools and OmniOutliner

I have been pretty happy with XMind