Mindful minutes integrations broken?

Since installing iOS 16(.1), my meditation apps can no longer log mindful minutes to health.

I use both 10 recent happier and Insight Timer, and neither is able to connect to health.

In the past you connected these apps by tapping your profile in health and then tapping “Apps” in the privacy section. Now that only takes me to logged data for the apps.

Inside Settings>Privacy and Security>Health I find items for both 10% and Insight, but when I tap either Injust get a blank page — no toggle for turning on access.

A truly mindful perso. Wouldn’t care about not getting credit for minutes, so I’m outing myself.

Does anyone know where to enable this?

Nobody seems interested in this (which is okay), but in case anyone stumbles onto this I did get it solved. A couple weeks ago I bought a new iPhone.

I restored from iCloud backup. Not sure why, but this totally broke the integration from Ten Percent and Insight Timer. They were not connected and the toggles to turn their sharing with Health were gone.

I thought it was the upgrade to iOS 16, but somehow this problem occurred with the transition to the new phone. Deleting the apps and reinstalling them again allowed them both to again request access to health data, so they work again. (But health doesn’t seem to want to import the data it missed for the last couple of weeks.)

I just don’t think any of us had an answer for you. That happens sometimes. I’m glad you were able to solve your problem. And thanks for following up. This may help someone in the future. :grinning:

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