Mindnode 6.0.1 (iOS) - Cumbersome moving/positioning of topics (vs. iThoughts)

I’m a long time user of iThoughts, but have recently nevertheless changed (at least for now) to MindNode. I experienced a strange cutoff on the left page when using a map via Marked 2 in the Decimal Outline mode. Talked to Brett Terpstra and he was kind enough to check it and said it’s not a Marked issue.
At the same time I saw the recent and very positive review of MindNode by Federico Viticci and gave it a try. Overall it is a nice app, however it lacks some of the excellent features of iThoughts.

Here is the issue:
One of big handling issues is the moving of topics on a map in Mindnode. It’s lacking an essential functionality.
You can’t freely position the topics, in iThoughts when you superimpose a topic over another you get an arrow pointing left, right, down or up so that you can move/drop a topic easily also to different levels and sublevels. You can comfortably move these in MindNode only when you use an external keyboard like the Apple smart Keyboard (and even then you can’t do it “directly”, you have to move it to the bottom of your higher or lower level and then move it up with the keyboard commands). Often times you don’t want to use a keyboard when you mindmap. And especially then this handling becomes a limitation in MindNode. Also the moving/positioning of topics e.g. up or down gives you only a very slim area to drop the topic into. Very difficult to hit your target. I have addressed this to the MindNode gang and hope that they will add this functionality so that it will be on par with iThoughts. In my view it would make the app definitely a better one. Has anyone experienced the same (or found a brilliant workaround)?

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Could you explain more what you mean? I can drag and drop topics in Mindnode to reorganize them pretty easily, so I must not be understanding the issue you’re having.

As an example on the iPad try, say, four first level topics, on one of those add three topics on the second level and one of those one third level topic. Now try to move the third level topic underneath the highest positioned first level topic (because you might have found out that it belongs to the group of first level topics. NO WAY TO DO THAT. It just says ATTACH but you cannot precisely direct it where you want it. If you then read my first post I hope things might make more sense.

I think I understand. I think you’re trying to collapse two steps together that, at least in MindNode, are really two distinct steps:

  1. Change the location of an item in a hierarchy (i.e. change its parent). To do this, you just drag the item to its parent until you see the Attach and then let go.

  2. Change the relative position of the item among its siblings. After you’ve attached the item to its parent just drag the item to whatever position among its siblings you want it to have and let go at any time that you dont see the Attach. The siblings will re-arrange themselves. (And if that drop target seems small, try dropping the item further away when the line connecting it to the parent goes between the lines to the siblings you wand to position it beteween.)

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