MindNode Image in a note on a node

In MindNode images can be attached.

However have/can you attach an image to a notes on an individual node.

Example: To a node Basic Needs— I want to add an image to my note depicting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

I’m thinking that it cannot be done.

I think this is correct. However, you can display an image as a sub-node. Might work for you?

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This is not possible. Notes can only hold simple attributed text. We want to keep them as simple as possible.


Thanks for the answer, Simple is good… Flexibility is fine too. I wondered if it could be done.

MindNide is a high value app. I tend to use it especially when I want to organize the big amorphous. The graphic layout stimulates alternate and extended ways of looking at things. — :eyeglasses: :eyeglasses: see clearly.