MindNode on iPad - Balance nodes

Hi gang!

I am pretty sure I have seen this feature, but now it’s hiding from me. I have a standard mind map in MindNode, but all the branches are just continuing down the right hand side of the Main Topic forever. Nothing snaps around to the left hand side.

What I’m looking for is the “balance map” (or something similarly named) feature to distribute branches/topics evenly’ish around the main topic. Is this only in the Mac version, perhaps?

Anyone know? Thanks!

Thanks @anon41602260 - these are the exact settings I have.

I know that I can drag branches around manually, but I was so sure about that “Balance” command being in there…

in iOS if you select the parent node, tap the three little dots in the lower bar, scroll down you might find something like “redistribuite mind map” or similar (my device is in italian):

If the node is not selected the menu is different and the command will not appear.

this should do the trick :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks a lot @memex!

I knew I had seen it in there before :slight_smile:

Context sensitive menus can be confusing at times…

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