MIndnode on Setapp

I just got a notification that Mindnode is now on Setapp. I can’t seem to find any info about how it deals with the iOS version. In a perfect world, if you use the Setapp version, the iOS version comes with it. I think Ulysses does that.

MindNode for iOS and Mac each come in free (trial) and full versions. They are considered separate products by the developer.

Did you write Setapp and ask? Their support is fast and responsive.

They’re doing a special setup for that, if the developer has/had a cross-platform subscription then they can likely offer it through Setapp. Otherwise I suspect they don’t have the infrastructure in place in the app to enable that.

Funny, I just came back here and realized I never sent my reply earlier to @bowline’s answer.

This was it:

Thanks. That makes sense and why it can’t be like Ulysses because Ulysses is a subscription.

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