Mindscope - a Tinderbox-ish iOS app

Billed as an outliner canvas.
Tap to write text. Tap the text to open a new canvas where more notes can be placed. Arrows, colors, etc. are an in-app purchase.
Hasn’t been updated in a year, but seems fine on iOS 13 beta.


I saw this a while back and considered trying it! Unfortunately it doesn’t solve my main issue with Tinderbox: being able to access the same… er, boards, I guess… on macOS and iOS.

One of these apps should become cross-platform!

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Definitely an opportunity there. There are tens of dollars to be made. Tens I tell you :slight_smile:


I tried it in 2015 - it started up in German on my iPad, lol. At the time it didn’t have copy/paste, but it does now. More worrisome is that they said at the time they were looking into OPML outline import/export, which would seem to be a no-brainer, but they apparently never implemented it; at least it’s not listed on their site or the App Store page.

MacStories gave a lukewarm review of the app in 2017.

Looks like it exports OPML, and Text (Bulleted list), in addition to their own format.

@JohnAtl hanks for the suggestion – bought and unlocked. Interesting idea, and could be useful to me in certain scenarios!

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