Minimal PDF viewers?

The latest edition of PDF Expert seems to have removed the ability to disappear the UI while reviewing. Hrm.

Anyone know of any simple PDF viewers on iOS? I can’t find any that allow you to give all the screen real estate to the document at hand.

Simple? Minimalistic? Just find the file in the Files app and tap on it.

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Good suggestion, and one easily overlooked. Far as I can tell, though, Quick Look (or whatever Files-view might be called) doesn’t play nice with the Pencil. It treats Pencil and finger input the same.

You also can’t highlight text with the Pencil. Not without several taps, anyway.

You can hide the interface, though. And the simplicity is unbeatable. So close!

I can view a PDF in Notebooks with no UI but when I want to annotate it, I see the UI for the pencil (color, size, etc.).

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Have you tried the Adobe Acrobat Reader?

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Just tried it, thanks! Sadly there didn’t appear to be any way to hide the toolbar, and it takes up about an inch of screen space.

Do you have GoodNotes? It has a presentation mode, but not at all simplistic.

EDIT: I have the paid version so I don’t know, but PDF Viewer has a free tier and it’s presentation mode is great, but don’t know if it’s in the free version.

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Aha! PDF Viewer is exactly what I was hoping to find. Many thanks!

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You just tap once anywhere on the document and the tool bar slides away. Tap once again to bring it back.

Skim. Uncheck Reading Bar and Notes Pane in View menu (and set it up permanently if desired)


@stu_w I see that, but it isn’t an option when you’re reviewing (eg, using the highlighter) far as I can tell!

@bowline Skim’s fabulous. I wasn’t aware of this minimalism though, thanks! I do most of my reading on iPad but this is great.

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ah, right, sorry, don’t know a work around for that :frowning:

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