Minimize all windows?

Hi all - I seem to recall David talking about a Keyboard maestro script that minimizes all windows on your mac. Has anyone successfully deployed such a macro (or another trick to quickly hide windows on a far too busy desktop?) Thanks!

Option-Command-H hides other windows, i.e. the ones that aren’t currently selected.
You could follow that with a Commmand-H to hide your current window.

You could make a KM macro with those two shortcuts that would hide everything.

Keyboard Maestro macro steps:

  1. Activate Finder
  2. Hide All Other Apps ⌥⌘ H
  3. Close All Finder Windows ⌥ ⌘W

Voilà! Clean workspace.

The other apps’ windows aren’t actually minimized, but they are hidden. If David is actually minimizing them all, I’m not sure exactly how he’s managing that.


Thank you both. On the one hand glad that I wasn’t missing something in my efforts, but also bummed that I can’t minimize, as that was my preference.

You could use KM to send Command-M to all open apps.

I’ve tried to do something similar with a combination of AppleScript and Keyboard Maestro, but I’ve always given up. It gets complicated with the different ways app behave. Menu apps, for example.

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