Minimizing pocket lint/dust collecting on our devices

I carry my iPhone in the left pocket of my pants, 99% of the time, and occasionally in my jacket pocket when I am walking my dog. (Walking my dog gives me 15+ minutes of uninterrupted podcast time)

For those of you who carry their iPhone (or other devices) in their pockets, have you noticed how much pocket lint collects inside the case (for those of you that use a case on your phones)?

I had noticed traces of dust/lint around the edge is of my Otterbox case, and decided to take the case off. There was a lot of lint inside my case, which took a fare amount of effort for me to remove (well knowing it will come back again).

To the ladies our there who carry their phones in their purses, handbags or backpacks, I would suspect that you have similar issues.

Are there any ways to minimize pocket lint/dust pollution on our devices?

Aside from keeping your iPhone in a ziplock bag, lol, there’s not really a way to keep lint out, at least not that I’ve discovered anyway. It’s like dust in the desert, it always finds a way to creep in.

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It would be nice if we could put a static charge on the phone that repels dust and doesn’t zap the electronics.

Probably the easiest way to help this is to tun your pockets inside out when you put your pants in the laundry.


Unless, that’s where the lint comes from in the first place. Remember, dyers have lint traps, which are usually full after each load.

And that’s where you want the lint to be, in the dryer trap, not in the pockets. If the pockets are inside out, they can’t trap or retain the material they held from daily wear, or that was loosened from other clothes while tumbling in the dryer.
The same logic applies to socks. Launder them inside out to reduce toe jam.

I feel like Discourse should give me a badge for First use of “toe jam” in a conversation.