Miracast for wireless presenting from MacBook?

I’m heading out to deliver my first face-to-face training class since COVID. In checking with the site about connecting to their presentation screen, I find out that they are using something called Miracast and therefore they no longer have an HDMI connection. A quick Google tells me nothing about whether I can use Miracast with my Mac, though apparently it’s “built-in” with the latest Windows OS.

Does anyone have any pointers for me? Can I Airplay to Miracast?

The last time I checked, Miracast was incompatible with macOS. I hope they have an alternative up their sleeves!

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The clear answer to that, to my knowledge, is simply: NO.

BUT, normally the equipment “talking” Miracast, also “talks” Airplay.
I have not seen any equipment yet, that, if it provides Miracast, only provides Miracast, so I would ask the site, if their equipment also talks with your Mac via Airplay.