Missing Badge icon - iOS Messages

Several family iPads have their messages badge app icon missing for new messages, even though I have checked notification settings.

Specifically, I have checked in Settings > Notifications that the badge app icon is turned on.
However, when new messages arrive, the banner will temporarily appear and disappear. However the red icon never shows up on the Messages icon indication that there is a new message.

They are all on up-to-date iOS versions, 11.4 currently.

Erasing and restoring from a backup temporarily fixes it, resetting all settings temporarily fixes it as well, but it’s a pain to go back and fix all settings, and then the issue still comes back. Wondering if anyone else is seeing this bug.


Also annoying to me is the notifications on the lock screen have been disappearing for messages

I hear the notification “ding”… and if I glance quick enough I can see the message, then watch it disappear

Not always, completely random

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I’m seeing this issue, just for texts from my wife (save the jokes).

Tried toggling notifications, restarting, etc. thinking it must be iCloud related somehow since it started happening at the same time on both iPhone and iPad.

Any help?