Missing Exif data when copying from Mac to Synology

When I copy a photo (jpg or heic) over to my synology, I just noticed that when I right click and get info, that I’m missing the more info section on the copied file. I even used rsync to check it out. Now, I’m really worried because I don’t know if I’ve lost all the years of location and that kind of information on the synology. Both drag and drop and rsync lose that data. I’m guessing it’s a setting or something on the synology. I’ve mounted the synology by smb. Also, is it EXIF data or is it called something else?

@TallTrees was discussing this in this thread, in which he discusses saving to a DMG file on his NAS: “Backing up to a Disk Image stored on NAS offers better performance and allows you to preserve all file metadata since the disk image is formatted with a macOS file system”

Yea I could do that. I’m just wondering why the exif data is missing. I ran diff and that didn’t give me any differences.

With a Linux-based file system Synology might not completely preserve metadata and extended properties of images. Check Synology’s support forum, but here’s the metadata support page for its PhotoStation app.

I’m not using photostation. I just wanted to see if the file itself maintains all the properties. So running diff and not getting any difference does concern me. Does it mean that the data is there but not retrievable?

I’'ve run some tests. On same drive, I copied and pasted a file from one directory into another folder and the file details were gone but the diff was same. I copied and pasted the same file another time and the file details were there and the diff was equal. I’m not sure what’s going on.

I noted the same issue the other day, even copying the data locally. I logged back out and back in again and then did the Get Info again, and the data is there - for whatever reason, it wasn’t showing in Finder.

You can use Exiftool to confirm the information is there.

I’ve copied a photo from a folder to my desktop - see the info pane for one shows all the information, whilst the other one doesn’t. However, Exiftool run on the JPG on the desktop shows the exif data is there still.

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Metadata in photos that is there, but doesn’t “show up,” is definitely a problem.

I’m running Capture One Pro on Mojave. If I filter a catalog for “not geotagged,” quite a few images will be returned as “not geotagged” even though specific GPS data is there in the inspection pane.

Good news exiftool still shows the data.

Is it a limitation of smb that I can’t see the right click information?