Missing iTunes Playlist

Hi MPU Community,

One of my oldest, longest playlists seems to have disappeared from Apple Music. After spending 2 hours on the phone with Apple support and getting nowhere, I did some googling and was able export the playlist from an older copy of my Music Library (pulled from a Time Machine backup). However, when I try to import the playlist (txt file) into my current Music Library only a fraction of the songs are being restored (17/128). I’m receiving an error message that some of the songs couldn’t be located and weren’t restored, even though the music is in my library.

Has anyone run into a similar issue? Any thoughts on how to get all of the songs of the playlist to import (aside from manually recreating them)? All of the songs appear in the older version of the library in Time Machine, so not sure why they won’t restore to the current library since the music is still on my computer.

Appreciate any and all suggestions.


What happens if you manually play one of the “missing” songs (I.e. by selecting the song and clicking the Play button)?

The missing songs are on the computer. If I click on them they play no problem.

Can you post a section of the text file you’re trying to import, preferably a section that includes one “good” song and one “bad” song?

Thanks for the follow-up and offer to help. I tried doing the import/export again, this time using XML instead of text file, and all the songs came over. Not sure what happened but the issue seems to have been resolved so think I’m all set.

First time I’ve needed a Time Machine backup in a long-time, thankful I have them.

Good goin’!
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