Modern Unix command line tools

Found some nice tools in a twitter thread
All can be installed using homebrew.

bat, a better cat github

exa - a better ls (also does trees) github

fzf - a fuzzy search github

z - quick cd to your most recently used folders github

cd /Volumes/Data/Research/aim2/code
cd ~
z code

puts you back into big/long/folder/path/to/code

There are many more on the thread.


Ripgrep and fd need to be on this list!

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I forgot about tldr. It gives you the essence of (some) man pages.


Use fzf and z regularly and I love them. Definitely have to check out the other ones, thanks for this post!

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Brett Terpstraโ€™s mdless is great if you use markdown and the terminal.

Didnโ€™t know I needed this until today, thanks!

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Glow is a nice command line / terminal markdown viewer.


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Would be nice if some of these supported R markdown files for syntax highlighting.