Modern version of Shortcat?

I’ve quickly become obsessed with the idea of never touching my mouse while working. I found an old software called Shortcat but was curious if anyone uses a modern app that does something similar?

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Sounds like you want Vim-style control. I haven’t had time to play with these apps but here are two I know of:

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Thank you for sharing those! I’m looking for a tool that allows “Vim-like” control across all applications; not just MacOS.

I’m pretty sure these both extend to apps. Not just your menu bar and dock or something.

Here’s a Vimac page on Electron (Chrome) support.

Can confirm.
It takes several seconds (9 for the screenshot attached) to create and display all the shortcuts. Probably to long to be useful for me, but perhaps for someone who needed keyboard navigation due to inability to use a mouse.

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This is fantastic and seems to work perfectly! Thank you for the recommendation. :raised_hands:

I use Vimium C extension in Google Chrome.

When we press f (to follow the links), it shows link hints. Typing those will essentially click. We can also open in background tabs etc.

If you want to do the same in Safari, there is Vimari. GitHub - televator-apps/vimari: Safari port of vimium.

In addition to the link hints, I also surf the web using single key shortcuts.

c - close tab
t - new tab
a - prev tab
s - next tab
z - go back
x - go forward
v - view source
i - begin inspecting with DevTools
u - copy url


Been using Vimac and enjoying it for a while. It works for 99% of the UI elements on an App, so it gets extra-nerving for that 1% (play button on embedded videos are the worst offenders) :laughing∴

Two peeves with this app:

  1. Can’t switch between windows
  2. For some reason I can’t use it with menus

Haven’t tried @Gem 's recommendation for VimMotionApp yet. Did anyone here? Does it help with some of these other stuff?

Finally, while Vimac can definitely work with Safari, I found using Vimari extension (it’s Vimium, but for Safari) worked best for me.

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Hello! Developer of Vimac here.

I discontinued Vimac and launched Homerow. It has a hybrid workflow of both Vimium style navigation and search.

There’s no paywall or feature blocks for now. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Issues page: GitHub - dexterleng/homerow: Like Raycast or Spotlight for macOS. Click, navigate, and perform tasks with the keyboard and no mouse.

I would also like to note that Shortcat was relaunched recently too!


Hey. Giving it a try.

If there’s a link next to some text on a webpage, how do I Cmd + click to open it in a new tab?

I typed the hint letters, CP and it selected the text + link, not just the link.

Thanks for reporting the issue, I’ve opened a ticket and will address it soon!

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What do you mean by search? I’ve been using it for navigation/clicking but didn’t see any search feature?