Modify specific cell on Numbers Sheet from Shortcuts

This is what I am trying to do and have multiple issues. I have a Numbers Spreadsheet with 2 Sheets. I want to be able to run a shortcut and the shortcut will add date, time and a number that I will give it at the top of sheet2. This is working.

The issue I have is that each time that I enter the Add Row in Shortcut the formula that I have on Sheet 1 that is reading the value A2 is moving to A3. I added the $A$2 into the cell but still have the issue.

The other thing I haven’t; figure out is how to once I provide the new value I get a prompt with the new calulated value.

Example: Sheet1 has A1 25 + Sheet2:$A$2 = some_value. I want the Shortcut to give me some value… also.

I think an Applescript might be a more fine-grained and capable approach to what you are trying to do. :slightly_smiling_face: And then call it from the shortcut.