Mojave App Store Purchases have Disappeared

All of my purchases have disappeared on the App Store in Mojave. Years of purchases and now nothing? Not a one. Any ideas?

If I open my account then all of my purchases are there, is it possible you switched Apple ID somehow?

open the app store at the bottom left click on you avatar picture. this will bring you to your account. purchases should show up there.

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No ID is correct, and I have signed out and signed in again.

That is the issue, nothing shows up there.

Interesting, can’t say I’m experiencing that same issue. When I click on my name the bottom left I can see mine, and optionally, my wife’s purchases without issue.

Does a log-out and back in to the App Store help? Restarting your computer? I’m sure you’ve tried these things but… always worth checking!

I have the same problem with the app store on a 2012 Macbook Pro and a 2015 Macbook Pro. Called Apple Support and was referred to the next level of support. To sum it up they are aware of the problem and since my last tech call with them still no resolution.

Apple support was great with this problem. Took a couple of phone calls, but they got it fixed. They always called at the time they committed to and the people I dealt with could not have been better. Great job from Apple.