Mojave broke BetterSnap Tool

I updated to MacOS Mojave last night and noticed it broke the one app I use everyday, Better Snap Tool, it does not seem to work at all now. Does anyone know why, frocing us to use the built in split screen function? I loved BetterSnap Tool as it was very easy to just move the window by dragging, no need to click and hold the green dot, etc. Any apps that work with Mojave that has same function of BetterSnap tool? Thanks.

Should be compatible according to the author:

(EDIT: with an old beta?)


I’m using BetterSnapTool and Mojave, it’s been working great for me.


Yep same, not had any issues?

In case you’re still wondering or someone else finds this - I had the same problem and managed to fix it using some instructions I found on the app store:

Fully compatible with Mojave!
If you experience issues, open System Prefs > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility
then delete BST from that list and add it again

hope that helps for you


I’m using it with Mojave and no problems, a couple of apps I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall to get the Privacy to work properly, as a couple of times the remove and add back in to accessibility hasn’t worked.


i literally created an account on here just to say thank you. so… Thank you!

Stay! It’s a great forum!

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I just created an account too to tell you that I’m so grateful you put this on here! I’ve been fussing with it for months! Thank you thank you!!

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I will pile on and say thank you!

This fixed a similar issue that I’ve been having with Moom for months. I had given up on it but it is now working again, :pray:

Worked for me too! Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you! Worked for me.

Taviss, thank you so much! I also created this account specifically to say this. Such a relief to be able to use bettersnaptool again.

to solve the problem :slight_smile: “Syst.Pref - Sec&Priv - allow bettersnaptool app to record screen…”

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Thank you… This worked great for me :slight_smile: