Mojave dark mode

I really liked dark mode in High Sierra. Admittedly, it wasn’t a wholesale option, but I found it more comfortable than the usual flat grey everywhere. In Mojave though, dark mode is ubiquitous, heavier and, to my taste, not as pleasant as its predecessor. Of course it may still change but, beta testers, what’s your current mode preference – light or dark?

I took a little while, but my preference is now dark mode.

I didn’t like it much at first, but after forcing myself to use it for a day to two, I somehow couldn’t return to light mode.

Funny thing though is I still like and use light mode on primary system, running High Sierra.

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Looks like I’m leaning towards the light mode, but I think looks so amazingly cool!

Dark mode reminds me of a bad Linux clone of OS X.

I’ve heard on several podcasts people complaining about dark mode - I can’t see the problem they are having. I’m all dark,

Also I work on Windows 10, and that dark mode is usable too. I’m used to UI being black and pages being white. It’s fine.

What am I missing?

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I like dark mode on Mojave, but not every application is handling it well. Examples:

  • Menubar icons might be minimally visible in dark mode – e.g., FoxTrot, GeekTool
  • Apps only partially support dark mode – e,g., PathFinder has a very patchy approach and the UI looks odd – and there’s no way to turn off the mode
  • Inconsistent use of gray tones in text – some controls might be hard to read – e.g., Yoink’s controls are barely visible; PathFinder’s text for tab names is very dim.

Like anything else, it can take a very long time for developers to catch up with the OS change – or not at all.

I tried dark mode for a day and then went back to the light mode, it just seemed a little overpowering to me and there didn’t seem much shade differentiation on screen.

Dark mode FTW. Full confession, I also lean towards the dark side of the force.

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How much I like it depends on the time of the day, I guess. But, Brett posted how to switch dark mode on and off with AS.

Currently I have the switch as an Action in LaunchBar(Alfred would be another alternative), but another possibility would be a time trigger in Keyboard Maestro. One could even try to get the sunrise and and sunset times for the whole year and switch dark mode on and off based on them. Maybe a small project for a lonely weekend :slight_smile:

I’m still on HS but I always switch to dark mode at night!