Mojave, Scansnap, other apps not functional?

I have S1300 scansnap and their site says compatible software will be coming… Anyone know when? (Luckily I check MPU talk before updating mojave)

Is there a list somewhere of other apps not working with mojave?

Like Caffeine…

Thanks for all your inputs… MPU has saved me many times (as well as cost me $$$)


My S1300i works fine with Mojave and the old (not updated) scanner-software.

You can swap caffeine for amphetamine it does the same job and was recently built from the ground up, so far I have had no issues migrating all of my tooling to Mojave

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+1 for Amphetamine. Great Caffeine replacement.

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Damn! I didn’t even notice caffeine wasn’t working… thanks for the recommendation.

Edit: In hindsight, I now see that caffeine wasn’t working. When I updated BackBlaze per their instructions so it would run with Mojave the backups just weren’t making any progress. I realize now that my Mac was sleeping… replaced caffeine with amphetamine and BAM, 16GB backed up last night!

I didn’t like Amphetamine as much as Theine, though I can’t remember why. Anyway, it’s another alternative, and works flawlessly.



You can find a (searchable) compatibility list ( crowdsourced) at:

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For the S1300, you can install the latest ScanSnap Manager for the ix500 (6.3 L70). It should work OK with the S1300 under Mojave, although it’s only 32-bit.

Odd. Caffeine working perfectly for me…