Mojave's devastating effect on my Outlook for Mac search function

Hello All: This is my first post so please forgive me if it’s missing critical info or is otherwise not properly aligned. First, huge thanks to all of you in this community who provide so many great resources and sound advice. You all are amazing. Now, my issue: After the Mojave install on my MacBook Air (2015), my Outlook for Mac search function stopped working. Over the past few days, I have spent countless hours with various levels of support at Microsoft. Yesterday they told me that an Engineer Advisor from “Level 3” would contact me to fix the problem. Bottom line, no call, and when I reached out to them I was advised that Microsoft is aware of the problem and will let me know when they have a fix. (Perhaps you could hear me screaming at them?) I had previously switched from Gmail to Apple Mail; I’m an attorney and there are some issues with Gmail confidentiality, so returning to Gmail is not an option. I tried Apple Mail, but I was sorely disappointed with its search function (especially after I was spoiled by Gmail’s superlative search functionality). Now I’m back where I started. Does anyone have any suggestions for a new email system – software or server based? I use GoDaddy, and one recommendation I received is to use Outlook365 from GoDaddy. Thoughts? Thanks so much.

When you say Apple Mail, do you mean the Mail application on your mac?
Who is your email host?

As a first step I’d try rebuilding your spotlight index to see if that helps with search in


Until you have a working client solution you might find using webmail gets you by, depending on who your provider is.

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Good idea! Thank you.

Thank for the help. Yes, I am referring to Mail. My spotlight should be fine, as I had to get a new OS installed 10 days ago. Nonetheless, I’ll check it out.

I wouldn’t count on your Spotlight index being fine – it can go south fairly easily and it has nothing to do with age of a system! Thankfully doing a spotlight re-index is trivial. I’d be interested to see if that gets things sorted out!

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Similar problem here. When I upgraded to Mojave, search stopped working in Outlook. When I needed to run a search, I did it on the Office 365 Web application.

The problem just went away on its own after a couple of days or weeks. You might be able to speed recovery up by rebuilding the Spotlight search manually. As I recall, when I looked into how to do that, it was just difficult enough that I decided using O365 on the Web for search would be better.

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Would that apply to Outlook for Mac? I no longer use Mail. Thanks!

Sorry, I got confused when I read:

But yes, I see, you’re using Outlook as per the title! D’oh!

I don’t know how Outlook’s search works but it may still really on Spotlight’s index, which a lot of applications do. Rebuilding your index is one copy-and-pasteable terminal command to do and has no downsides, so a fairly easy troubleshooting step to take just to cover your bases.