Monaspace (no, that's not a typo)

I’m surprised I’m the first to mention this here.

It’s a new font system for monospaced type that has some interesting features.

I’ve installed it (use the script in the package for total simplicity) and it looks great. The texture healing works great in Panic’s Nova, Microsoft’s VSCode, and macOS Terminal, that I have tested, so it probably works in plenty of other editors and terminal software.


This looks really cool. Thanks for pointing it out!

Briefly tried it yesterday, but somehow I always (quickly) return to JetBrains Mono (Nerd Font), when trying out new fonts.

Might experiment a bit more this weekend.

Did the healing work in iTerm2 for you?

Font seems rather immature:

  • Ligatures do not work in iTerm2, Xcode, and IntelliJ IDEA (they do work in Visual Studio Code)
  • Texture healing does not work in iTerm2

So currently a No-Go for me, but maybe I should try this again when they fixed those bugs.

The font uses features available in the OpenType format which not all software may support, or at least not automatically.

I did not look into ligatures specifically (I find the ones I see in MobaTermX at work annoying) but rather just at the texture healing.

The README makes this general comment about ligatures:

As for texture healing not working in iTerm2, I think that’s entirely the fault of iTerm2 given the breadth of tools we know it does work in.